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shimotsuki zoro theory

If his dream truly is world peace, he should be the one to include them in a form of media. which is known for voicing, Toshiro Hijikata, and Roronoa Zoro / Zolo. Something that has consistently striked me as "intriguing", most definitely, is Dragon's tattoo. For other uses, see Shimotsuki (Disambiguation). [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. His body froze, and didn’t rot, and his blade was still with him. 6. One Piece Theory. 3 Shimotsuki Zoro Roronoa Zoro's past has been very much kept under the covers by Eiichiro Oda. 0. The One Piece Zoro voice actor Kazuya Nakai is a Japanese voice actor born November 25, 1967, born in Kobe Japan. We might even know who his father is. Ushimaru Shimotsuki and Shimotsuki Ryuma are from the same clan. Anime/Manga 08/09/2019. They all have a similar bleeding hairline. Roronoa Zoro featured so much around Yasuie’s death, this probably is telling us something, possibly about the connection of Zoro and Yasuie. Around 25 or so years ago Izo left Wano to join the Whitebeard Pirates, and just recently Momonosuke, Kinemon, Kanjuro and Raizo left Wano for a journey to Zou. Zoro is from Shimotsuki Family? In chapter 953 it was explained that the region of Ringo is so cold that corpses don’t rot, their bodies only freeze; and that they bury them with their swords, given to them at birth, so they can use them in the afterlife. Zoro and Shimotsuki Ryuma look alike, too alike. Also Ushimaru is named after a certain ox- demon from japanese mythology and as we know many of Zoro's attacks are named after various demons and oni from japanese myth, not to mention that Zoro himself often gives off a very demonic vibe during battle. exmangac-08/09/2019. Given that Onimaru is clearly inspired by Benkei and Ushimaru is inspired by Minamoto no Yoshitsune (due to a japanese naming convention), there are different controversial sources about the fate of the son that he had with his mistress. Zoro is from Shimotsuki Family? We'll see. I'M … Join Facebook to connect with Ronoroa Zoro Shimotsuki and others you may know. If so, Ryuma was probably buried in Ringo. Zoro and Shimotsuki Ryuma resemble the other the same, excessively indistinguishable. During the second act of the Wano Country arc, it was revealed that the Shimotsuki Village in East Blue was actually based on a Clan of Wano, meaning that Zoro does indeed bear some link to the country. No featured entries match the criteria. For the survival of the family, he would’ve been shipped to safety out of Wano to the East Blue, al-la-Kakarot out of Planet Vegeta. For more information please refer to the documentation. There Zoro meets and protects Yasu's daughter along with Hiyori. If Oda based Zoro off the Burakumin, they’d have a voice, a loud one. 2. Sandai Kitetsu. He's the craftsman of Enma and Wado Ichimonji. I believe that: Zoro parents originate from an outcast clan in Wano (who were largely responsible for the foundation of it). [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? 1. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users, [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide.It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. We know for 13 years the kitsune was protecting ringo. The fact of the matter is, a ship from Wano reached East Blue a few decades ago,”, “One of the descendants of someone on that ship is a person that everybody is familiar with,” he revealed. But I said that Zoro is Kozaburo's nephew, not Ushimaru's son. Shimotsuki Ushimaru was a member of the clan and the last daimyo of Ringo in Wano Country. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Zoro is from Shimotsuki Family? Why has she been traveling forward in time repeatedly over the course of 800 years? A ship left Wano for the East Blue a few decades ago. Tag: zoro theory. Thirty-nine years ago, he wore a dark colored yukata with a light colored marking and a light colored jittoku haori with dark colored images of bulls (牛, Ushi? In chapter 954, we see Zoro’s willingness to accept the Meito Enma in exchange for Shusui.We should expect this to be a major power up for Zoro for the upcoming confrontation with Kaido-Big Mom alliance. One Piece Theory. I still can include the possibility of Zoro stepping in and replacing Denjirou (because of the whole Shimotsuki chaos theory… There is a popular theory going around that Zoro might be related to the Shimotsuki family as his Shimotsuki in old Japanese stands for November and Zoro was born in November, among many other theories. Ushimaru looks hella lot like Zoro. They all have the same bloody hairline. So Zoro is born and one year later Kaido attacks, kills all the daimyo and during all the panic Ushimaru hands Zoro over to his retainers and instructs them to take Zoro and find Kozaburo because he knows he'll be safe in their care and trusts that after Kozaburo's tutelage he'll grow into a strong samurai one day. For the survival of the family, he would’ve been shipped to safety out of Wano to the East Blue, al-la-Kakarot out of Planet Vegeta. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. His body froze, and didn’t rot, and his blade was still with him. In chapter 953 it was explained that the region of Ringo is so cold that corpses don’t rot, their bodies only freeze; and that they bury them with their swords, given to them at birth, so they can use them … I still am pretty confident in Zoro/Sanji's fights. They all have the same bloody hairline. 1. Particularly the way that in Chapter 0, we see Monkey D. Winged … It isn’t going to be a major plot line, it will just be a minor story.”. Zoro is born November 11th. It's also very likely that Kozaburo taught Zoro the whole "snatch" thing since Zoro mentioned he learned it from "some old man". Even as a child, Zoro was strong enough to defeat most adults, but could not defeat Kuina, the daughter of the dojo's master, Koushirou. Zoro and Kuina making their promise to become the world's greatest swordsmen.. As a child, Zoro trained at a dojo in Shimotsuki Village. Shimotsuki Kozaburo illegally left from Wano 50 years ago. Here is my theory, Shimotsuki Ushimaru planned to name his unborn son as Onimaru after his trusted partner and pet Onimaru, the fox. Ushimaru was the previous daimyo of Ringo. They have the same last name because they’re related by blood. Shimotsuki Ushimaru, the former daimyo of Ringo. Zoro is one of the most popular characters, always ranking high in the polls. any thoughts on the whole Shimotsuki Zoro and Zoro Will Get Haoshoku no Haki theories? Welcome to the forums! Each scabbard one head. Ushimaru Shimotsuki and Shimotsuki Ryuma are from a similar tribe. Home Tags Shimotsuki zoro. During Kaido’s invasion of Ringo, Ushimaru was busy fighting the Beasts Pirates and hence he asked his trusted retainers to escort his pregnant foreign wife out to East … When the alliance's plans began falling apart due to Orochi and the Beasts Pirates discovering Kin'emon's secret message… An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Investimentos - Seu Filho Seguro. Ushimaru had a pronounced nose and light-colored hair that was somewhat spiky in the front and gathered into a large, bushy bun at the back. We never got Sanji's family name until we learned he was a Vinsmoke. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Some of the info may even prove an existing theory that Zoro is a descendant of Shimotsuki family of Wano. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Roronoa Zoro is speculated to be a member of the Shimotsuki Clan of Wano, one of the Daimyō families of Wano. POPULAR POSTS. This can be verified from the below links. So I'be been trying to piece together some stuff about Zoro's origin and his home village in the East blue and here's a theory I've put together: Shimotsuki Kozaburo, as we know was a renowned swordsmith who forged Ame no habakiri, Enma and Wado Ichimonji, but according to Tenguyama he left Wano over 50 years ago and this means he most likely took the Wado with him. It seems a given by now that the Shimotsuki village where Zoro trained was established by the people from Wano Oda talked about in Volume 92. More than 50 years ago, Kozaburo illegally left Wano Country. They also both look like the silhouette of Shimotsuki Ushimaru. Tengu, who delivers the sword to Zoro told him the history of his three katanas. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? I see that the place of the birth of Zoro is in Wano from the Shimotsuki family because all the information appeared about them matches Zoro and they say that Robin will find that in the Poneglyph in Wano. Anime/Manga 08/09/2019. The latest chapter of One Piece may confirm that Zoro’s origin is Wano. -This thread contains spoilers- -Theory made by a friend some time ago- Roronoa Zoro’s bloodline Zoro's heritage remains largely unknown. They likewise both resemble the outline of Shimotsuki Ushimaru. His most notable role is the anime series One Piece (Roronoa Zoro). Interestingly enough, a recent SBS revealed that the village Zoro was born in was founded by a famous Wano swordsmith and swordsman called Shimotsuki Kozaburo. I’m pretty convinced Zoro is of the Shimotsuki clan, or at least diaspora of Ringo, Wano. 1. Anime/Manga 28/11/2019. He eventually settled in the east blue and founded Shimotsuki village, named after his clan. ABOUT US. He ruled until the takeover of Kurozumi Orochi as shogun 20 years ago. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? Mindblowing Connection between Zoro’s Father and Luffy’s Father! One Piece Theory. These are facts. So far in Wano Zoro has been constantly connected to everything Shimotsuki. First, I think Zoro belongs to the fabled Shimotsuki Clan, as this was clear from his home village name and his birth month November (which is called Shimotsuki in Japanese). Shimotsuki Zoro Roronoa? I always had the idea that the scabbards will take revenge for Oden and they will be the ones to cut Orochis heads during this process. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the anime & manga industry. Zoro eventually ends up in Shimotsuki village and when he's a little older he starts training under Koushirou. Exmanga is your anime news & entertainment website. Tag: shimotsuki ushimaru. Here’s the whole story, according to Oda: Zoro starts training with Enma as soon as he receives it with the hope of mastering it before the war. Zoro stated in the Baratie, that, "Once he decided that he would become an invincible swordsman, he left his life behind".. And I believe this because: It parallels Sanji’s origin [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? I’ve had this same theory for a while, Zoro is a Wano refugee, Also Zoro’s name translated in Spanish is fox, and I love how Oda gave Ushimaru a pet fox...coincidence I think not, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Kakarot could have been on the ship. Zoro hails from Shimotsuki Village in the East Blue – where he plied his trade in swordsmanship. POPULAR POSTS. Tags 2020 one piece theories, kanjuro the traitor, last theory Yamato kaidos son, luffy beat kaido, momonosuke escape, one piece theory, Onigashima, shimotsuki clan, shimotuki kozaburou, yamato become friend with luffy, Yamato kaido theory This chapter implies that Oden might be taking the blame for things other people have done in the past. [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? POPULAR POSTS. 4. Gyukimaru mentioned Sword God Ryuma, but Zoro replies that he doesn’t care about god at all. Whether he'll be a member of the Shimotsuki … exmangac-08/09/2019. 2. From what we've seen from his silhouette he shares a lot of similarities with Zoro. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? Several characters have appeared with the name Shimotsuki, including Shimotsuki Yasuie, Shimotsuki Ryuma, Shimotsuki Kozaburo and Shimotsuki Ushimaru, but is there a connection with the place Zoro grew up in that bears that exact name, Shimotsuki Village, and Zoro's teacher Koushirou? Zoro, a foreshadowing of Ryuma Many fan theories suggest that Zoro has a distinct resemblance to the young Ryuma as shown in Oda’s one shot manga, entitled Monsters which was released in October 30, 1994. Reading that part of Oda's comment as well as what Hitetsu said about Kozaburo (ch955) leaving the country illegally, you start to weave the piece together in your mind and can see how Zoro would fit into it. As a result he lost his life. Kozaburo is Zoro's grandfather. Mihawk’s Strength in comparison to the rest of the Characters in One Piece, Why Vegapunk will meet Straw Hat Pirates in Wano. There are many theories about this clan, and one of them is that Zoro is from Shimotsuki Family, so now we will be discussing this theory. Their names seem pretty similar don't you think?). Supporting Evidence. His wife is also aware of his wish to name their son Onimaru. Zoro is currently 21, so if he had been in Ringo at the time, would have been around 1 years old. shimotsuki zoro. His Shimotsuki origin is interesting but nowhere near WSS level. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. 0. Introduction In this theory I will try to connect everything we know about Wano and Zoro trying to figure out in which way Zoro is actually connected to Wano. 0 0 Friday, August 28, 2020 Edit this post. Kawamatsu will appear and attack Zoro from behind. Taking this further into speculation territory, I wonder if this practice is also the reason Tashigi already had Shigure when she was just a low-ranked young Marine, and never upgraded it even after she obtained higher-ranked swords.

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