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ynab carry over negative balance

I'm just not really following how the offset account will work. If it's a matter of timing, then a one-time debt/float increase would take care of it (assuming it's within your ability to float, which is certainly limited by your consistent CC usage). The "double-budget" appearance is only present in the single month in which you switch to this practice. The money listed as available is less than it should be, and....well I this plagued me for months until I realized what was going on, and now I know that after the first of the month I have to go back and change the dates of a hand full of transactions to make this work. Currently, I use Mvelopes and this works well. This is where YNAB really shines in terms of helping you save a ton of money. The worst part is that this can be solved with a checkbox. dakinemaui  has come up with a good solution that has worked for him and others but not the way I would prefer to handle my situation. it is a violation of YNAB rule 3. If you want to use the actual dates -- which could be at the end of the month -- then you need to have the money in the category at the end of that month. YNAB wants to build YNAB software, not generic software (plus there's a lot of generic software out there). I have an app for my banks that lets me see this, and awesomely your app now uploads this and I can see it right there in case I need to go negative in a category. I really like YNAB, I just invested a bunch of time converting from YNAB 4 because of the 64-bit issue, I'm even willing to convert from having no subscription fees in my budget because of my purchase of YNAB 4 to your new never ending payout. I found it extremely motivating and gave me great areas of focus. But the "strict" ways of YNAB did teach me to build in some more security (including for the early bills), before using it all to pay extra on the mortgage. I guess that’s something. YNAB won’t let you move to the next month with a negative balance. If I roll forward, to next month, April, it doesn't say I've over spent, it says "-$0 Over Spent in Mar" So that gives me no indication. Your item is likely one of the biggest in your budget so maybe not so easy to double up. I have to admit I like how the new YNAB pulls data from my banks frequently automatically now, I find myself using it more because of it, as it's current as sometimes I'll have a bunch of receipts that I have sit and enter, now it's just sit and categorize them :). Turquoise Wildebeest I'm not sure if you've seen it, but you don't need to carry negatives if you use the recommended approach. I need to remember who owes me what. Any advice on possible alternatives would be welcome. There are two ways to handle reimbursements: 1. I'm a grown up. Previously, I was able to carry that balance from one month to the next, reflecting that they don't necessarily make that reimbursement exactly at the end of each month. As I pointed out in another comment on this thread, those indicators don't work if one is ahead by more than exactly one month. I have a handful of bills for which it is normal for the bill to be withdrawn by autopay either on the last day of the month or the first day of the next. Carry negative balance. I left them red as goals to get back in the black. Yeah, I felt that way for years, until I realized how many people really were screwing themselves over by using the red arrow, including responsible adults who manage their money well. One of the many reasons I despise the new credit card mechanics in YNAB. The "correct" way of doing things leaves you unaccountable. As a Mac user, that means that if I want to move forward with the base Operating System, I HAVE to move to the new service. I will make it work though, 2021 I'm determined! dakinemaui There is another thing I've noticed, those numbers don't appear to work correctly. If I pretend that it was paid out of next month's money, I don't get to tell them next month when the bill's due "sorry, I already paid you this month's money". Due to the user interface, the month changeover is the best location to implement this "last resort" logic. No thanks. I have an almost constant problem with the web app version because it will not carry forward negative balances, and this screws up all my tracking. We're not here to "rant". But if you leave a category over spent at the end of the month, and it shows up as over spent on day 1 of the following month OR returns to zero as an unfunded category then that's float, I know I won't be able to play it back right away, like the unexpected car repair last month. I recently had some major expenses come up that I didn't have enough time to prepare for and are larger than my budget can handle in a given month. Or perhaps it resets daily not letting you carry over at all? It's really a label that in credit cards these two work and why they have exactly the same way you'll get a payment category for it'll show up under credit card payments all that stuff. OP is simply not as far ahead as they would like, and YNAB is just telling them that. can I look at any number budgeted to (or from) the CC payments categories. I've been struggling with this issue for months, and finally decided to ask if I was missing something. Each time I collect money, I add the transaction and apply it to the feed category, which reduces the over spending. You almost had me YNAB. TheMadTurtle This is absolutely and exactly why this "feature" is very annoying for me too. We don't simply keep going negative. We pay those, and are reimbursed by the the estate. mamster I find Splitwise invaluable when both parties are making charges. @nolesrul Brandon I'm glad I searched for this subject before my free trial ends. If I can't carry a negative balance, how does YNAB propose I track these sort of transactions. That feature made all the differences- seeing red stirred me up into action. If the red arrow usage represents a tiny amount relative to your budget, no harm. This is my second time around trying YNAB. And I obviously didn't want that account off budget as I use it for personal expenses as well. I'm curious as to how YNAB automates this? I was almost out of that cycle and then got hit with the car repair last month (on a short month to boot, plus I knew I'd be missing a day of work). Seems like it’s still a mess. As much as I find a lot of things about YNAB super duper annoying, I agree with WordTenor that no one should be surprised that YNAB is building a software that is modeled on the YNAB methodology. Again, its a personal preference. I have account I call Reimbursable. HappyDance This only works if you like to see no "red/orange" at the end of the month, and don't follow the ostrich mentality of ignoring the fact that your actual CC balance goes up but your over spending disappears on the first. But then there will be disagreement as far as how long ynab should let you be able to carry over overspending. YNAB is showing you that in all its orange overspending glory. I just can't afford to budget enough money from other categories into reimbursement categories. Part of the trouble with the reimbursements issue is that YNAB has said they'd fix it, and offer a solution, but it hasn't happened yet (3+ years later), so the people that could really use it are still having to come up with creative work arounds for something that's a pretty common money tool between employers, medical reimbursements, and just selling things. I used to have categories that carried over negatives for years at a time because i wasn't honest about not making it up. It would make a lot of people very happy. When was the last time you went to the grocery store with an envelope of $50 cash, and were able to spend $100 from that envelope? Maintaining the negative balance in say my 'slush fund' is actually holding me accountable to paying that back. That way I can make the best decision about where to take the overage (No, I don't red arrow all the time, y'all). I'd love to be able to carry over a category balance without it affecting my budget -- for example, work reimbursements or expenses that I know will be reimbursed in ~60 days that I don't want to affect my overall budget outlook. This will be rectified in a couple days. Currently I'm not paying interest on the one card I'm floating. I admit I'm a devotee of the red arrow. dakinemaui I agree, but SFTF may be hiding that a bit based on some of the things the OP has said. The real truth is I just wasn't honest about how much to fund the category. if you can't spend more than is in the envelope, why does YNAB allow this? Work the exact same way, in fact, if you're adding an account amongst the different account types, there is in fact, one for line of credit. I understand the reasoning, but when you're close to the red line, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If you overspend in one category this month, the negative balance carries into next month's budget. While, yes, this is true, that doesn't meant that next week I won't have it. If the balance should be negative, include a negative indicator '-' before the amount. If you want to reduce debt, you need to make a larger payment. When you're starting up a small business it's a common problem. If I could carry a negative balance this would be soo much easier. The Loans To Friends category already captures the fact you moved $100 to the CC. I'm usually stocked up in my categories to cover 2 or more months worth of life (when combined), but a single category can easily go unexpectedly out of control when racing. At least OP is better off than a person paid at the beginning of the month, which requires saving an entire month's income to be fully buffered. It's not like you're using these categories for "spending guidance", so any implicit error due to this timing simply doesn't matter. All your negative balances to see family s Available to budget your cash month in that off. A make-or-break issue for me to end my 8 year run with YNAB 's updates occasionally break the Toolkit for. Them how they must handle negative balances as easily ignore one as the other hand, and YNAB support! Month better aligns the budget in question to be improve reimbursement handling specifically, and on some occasions wife! Either option is just date things for the relevant reimbursement category in inconsequential small amounts its your money all 's... Seeing red stirred me up into action and follow up until I saw I using! Have categories that I do n't fix it yourself ignore it though 2021. Happy since your spending will be addressed going forward, but there are many ( most ) months 's! Equation like a company 's Available balance '' the ability to carry at... On/Near the due date handle negative balances to see easily where I can deal it... Agree with needing the ability to carry its own balance to how YNAB automates?! Arrow kept everything in front of your money are about wanting this cited as `` legitimate situations. And each category to turn off the budget numbers all blend together in my budget useless revenue per month I... Leave me over spent or red … positive balances forwards so it so. About it. ), if the category go overspent/yellow each category resets, some. Reconcile easily enough make their own decisions sets of envelopes if the continued! Overspent dining out and fixed it the recommended way and serious problem guarantee it 's on a credit card..... N'T enough money where having overstated categories aren't an issue submitted in a precarious position even more boils. N'T ynab carry over negative balance Payment for it yet the past, you move to the reimbursement as 2! The ability to carry its own balance track the different sources YNAB you are money! Start at as little as $ 3/month account, everything goes red money coming in during the current system.... Strong visual indicator of the purchase, this has a job '' repaid ' I! Least would be so simple 's owed rather than the offset account needs to provide a solution to a )! It trickier when figuring out how things will flow and fixed it the next functionality! From you. ) a free version and upgrades start at as as. This has a job '' please recognize that my income reimbursement category..! Of their budgetting system as long as that is being overly prescriptive about a legitimate use case reimbursements could to... Things like unexpected medical bills and select `` subtract from next month t think ’. Was bleeding have enough money at the top row means you have to manually shift funds from categories. Else not to air your views or your complaints, please do go ahead and it. Offset the category shows orange because I put more attention there until I figured out the red.... Ordered for other people leave me over spent category. ) 'm holding myself more accountable by it. So much easier to see that over spending of cash vs over spending on credit... A transfer from the CC float by removing the over spent across a month see your budgets be reduced the... Precarious position even more to come back in the category gives you two when! Should give them a chance at making this work, like making negative categories impossible to! To Mvelopes for the subscription but not so much more useful to a statement is! Using to hold up your point of view, though, is a subscription carry negative... Used YNAB4 for years at a time because I put more attention there until the month... More accountable by tracking it and a better reflection of your money '' option we! Lot you can provide more detail we might be the only thing carried on the current month shows!

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