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how to get to castelia city in pokemon black 2

Talk to Burgh to hear that they think you did a good job back in the sewers – and after a rather lengthy chat, you face their first Pokemon, a Level 22 Swadloon, and then a Level 22 Dwebble, followed by a Level 24 Leavanny, earning you $2880, the third Gym Badge – the Insect Badge -- and TM76 Struggle Bug. As you follow him around on the tour you are shown the lot and the theatre, where you meet up with the Captain and he insists that you watch his movie. Old Nimbasa City Gym. Our team grows and we make our way to Castelia City where we meet Iris and Burgh who help us take on Team Plasma!! Go into the toll house and talk to the guy with the backpack and you will get a Quick Claw. It's on a separate page to save space. The second floor is the Medal office. Where is the empty lot in Castelia City in Pokemon Black Version 2? After the conversation, he'll give you TM70 - Flash. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Now you can go to Castelia City! Virbank City Relic Passage. After you say yes they tell you that they will be waiting for you on Route 4, so follow them up the north road but do not enter the gate to exit the town just yet!On your left is the entrance to a building in which you will obtain an Amulet Coin from a trainer in the lobby, and on the 11th floor you can talk to three trainers. There are two things to do here. 19, and a Female Clerk with a Herdier Lv. Theres a man in Castelia City that asks for a Pass Code/ Password. – The Main Square –Head to the end of the street then left to Mode Street, and head south down it to visit the Castelia City Casteliacone Stand, where you can buy one or 12 of the snacks. You will find Level 14 to 17 Grimer, Rattata, Zubat, Bear in mind that if you want to capture a Pokemon you encounter in doubles battle you have to take down one of the pair first, as you cannot aim the ball until there is only one left.You will encounter Trainers here, including Janitor Felix who has a Level 17 Lillipup and a Level 16 Trubbish, and pays you $640. Route 5. ". Since you will encounter Bug type pokémon in the gym, you should try to catch Fire-type pokémon. Both. Wiki User Answered . Relic Castle (Via Desert Resort) 41. Hugh then leaves, and you then see some mysterious character emerge from the blown-open wall, compliment you, and leave!Burgh leaves at this point, telling you that you have a choice to make – stay here and train your team or follow him? Relic Passage (Via Sewers) 35. After the battle Gym Leader Burgh appears and tells you that there is no reason to go any deeper and you should leave. There are three buildings in the Southern area of Castelia City. And how cool is that?! For Pokemon Black Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Empty Building in Castelia City? Follow her to the Pier on the far Right; your Rival will join the two of you for this particular side quest. They ask to take a look at your Pokemon – no harm in doing that, and it might earn you a few compliments from them. The building on the right is a place where people speak many different languages. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. 0 0. Jcwest2007. – Castelia Sewers –Bear in mind that this is a special area where the entire area acts like tall grass and you can encounter wild Pokemon. If you have Meloetta in your party, you can teach it Relic Song here. Anonymous. Talk to her to receive the Destiny Knot. The Castelia City Gym is the 3rd gym in Pokémon Black and White. What's the thing they sell in Castelia City and what does it do? Previously inaccessible in Black & White, Castelia's sewer system can now be accessed via a door in Sightseeing Pier. - Duration: 38:13. zwiggo 652,771 views It has five piers, four paths in the middle of the city, and one path in the North part of the city. Lv 4. Inside you will find a Treasure Ball with an Escape Rope, and have a battle with Scientist Terrance and his Level 18 Grimer. The docks all the way to the left on the main street have the Ferry to the Liberty Garden, and some trainers on the dock tell you that in the past a famous trainer hid a Legendary Pokemon called Victini at Victory Garden!Heading all the way back to the Pokemon Center, head up the road that runs beside it (Castelia Street) and enter the first building on the right, which is the Game Freak HQ! Gym (Black & White) The Castelia City gym, located in the Pokémon Gym street is a maze involving switches and hidden trainers and requires you to walk through Honey in order to pass. The Third Gym Leader Battle to obtain the Insect Badge. Make sure you have a Pokéball, an open space in your party, and a Celebi in your party. Near the fountain is a man who will give you the Funfest Mission "Train with Martial Artists!". Here, the player meets Colress for the first time. Finally, after crossing the bridge, you will reach Castelia City, which is a huge city full of skyscrapers and tons of people. Route 4 (Black 2) 38. 31. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Surely you did better than the Captain did, right? Occasionally docked at Prime Pier is the Plasma Ship, a black boat that Team Plasma uses to get to Liberty Garden. (You won't be to get that guy to leave until after you've gotten into the Hall of Fame. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. To get around it, the player must push though the light yellow walls, and click the buttons to unlock the doors. Route 4 (White 2) 39. Head up to the 47th floor to obtain a Charcoal. Top Answer. To get around it, the player character must push though the light yellow walls, and click the buttons to unlock the doors. A short time later you are in Castelia City! 32. The only thing this building has is a Technical Machine. At the far end of the passage beyond Lumina is a Treasure Ball with a Hard Stone in it.Keep an eye out for dusty spots as you can walk into them to obtain colored shards...– Back in the Sewers – Following the path west and up the stairs brings us to a special grove with a Tree in the center, a Treasure Ball with a Miracle Seed inside, and a mix of light and dark grass, containing Level 16 to18 Buneary, Cottonee, Eevee, Pidove, Rattata, an in shaking grass Audino.Basically it is a good idea to remain down in the Sewers and collect one of each of the available Pokemon, and then level your team to Level 28 before emerging and heading first to the Center to heal up and re-supply, and then to the Gym for your next Gym Battle and Badge! // --> when you first go into castelia sewers you need to battle team plasma fist before going to castelia gardens Matt Bird. ), so you will want to view the instruction bits before you do that, and those can be found first by talking to the bloke in the green costume on the left, who will tell you about Scripts, Pokemon, Acting, Lines, and Popularity. Castelia City Gym Pokémon: Black & White 2. If you're not very far into the game, and this is your first trip there, you'll be leaving Castelia City to the North, towards Route 4 and the desert. 32. - Bulbapedia At first a guy will be blocking it but then you …