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tales of symphonia sword dancer strategy

When you’re ready to move on, though, the Toize Valley Mine is located on the southern side of the southern continent. Head through the warp, then shift the white warp to red for one last chest before returning and proceeding through the blue warp. Many of these will be locked until you defeat a certain boss or obtain a new costume for one of your characters. You’ll be forced to fight here at least once during the game’s main storyline, but can come back later on to fight again, and perhaps win some prizes. After the fight, you’ll return to Asgard, where you can meet up with the fake Chosen group near the ruins at the north end of town. You’ll find two torches on either side of a set of scales; light them both and, if possible, unlock the save point and save your game. You will have to control the other team, though, so don’t stack it with characters you don’t like. You shouldn’t have any problems in the fights, but make sure that you don’t lose any of your shadow fragments as you proceed. After Yuan helps you access the Tower, you’ll come across one of two events. If she’s level 58 or higher, try placing her in the first slot of your party and setting her combat AI to Auto. Don’t forget to use the Sorcerer’s Ring shifter to change your Ring so that it shoots electricity before you leave. As soon as you arrive at the Ranch, Nick, Dorr’s man-at-arms, will reveal to you that Dorr has actually been working with the Desians to lead you into a trap. The shops are on the second floor of the hotel there, but bring money; a full set of upgrades will set you back 50,000 Gald or more. Item Finder: Tough + Sharp-Eyed. You’ll have to confront him at the Church of Martel, near the King’s palace, where you’ll get the classic "If it weren’t for you meddling kids!" 7,585 Pages. These guys are a piece of cake compared to Rodyle, so off them and get back to business. If you head to Tethe’alla before you kill Sword Dancer, he’ll disappear and you won’t be able to face him at all. After that’s done, you can examine the stone near the lake to discover the entrance to a cavern that apparently holds the Seal of Water. After a bit of walking, your parties will rejoin and will be able to take the warp to the top of the tower. This will drop you onto another screen; find the southernmost red plant here, revive it if necessary, and ride its wind back to the chest, which contains an EX Gem LV4. This will let her choose her own target and move as she sees fit, which will keep her out of harms way and prevent her from charging through a thicket of enemies to help Lloyd fight his target. At any rate, when you escape from the Trail, you’ll spot Isoold nearby. Well, it doesn’t seem too suspicious that Kratos would escort Colette to the Tower and then disappear completely? After you get the recipe for rejuvenating the Linkite Tree, head back to its location in the mountains and do your thing. Head back to the planks and take the first right, then keep hitting pink flowers with your Ring until you find the Blue Seed. Sword Dancer #2 . Self Cure: Immunity + Tough + Vitality. When you’ve shadowed the block on the wall, pull it one step, and one step only. Counter: Guard Plus + Follow Up. When Lloyd wakes up, you’ll have to use your Sorcerer’s Ring to scare off the guard. If you want to let Raine handle the healing, don’t forget to disable their healing spells. Regardless, you’ll need to take the southern warp here to find Regal and Presea, then take out the Judged. You’ll find a rocky outcropping near the main gate that you can jump onto. Sheena’s ability to infuse your weapons with Dark power is useful, as Yggy is weak to that element, but the same effect can be replicated with the Black Quartz item, so don’t worry too much about it. Tales of Symphonia (GC) Shop FAQ by dinobotmaximized GameFAQs (2006-05-08) Retrieved on 2009-04-18. NOTE: This is NOT a 100% coverage. Altogether, you can make two hundred and eighty-eight different figurines. You’ve got more than one world to save, and hopefully this guide will bring you a successful journey. You can even mack on the priestesses in the Church of Martel, but don’t forget to switch your skill when you’re on the field; this ability isn’t all that useful in combat. With L. Unison active on one of your battle participants, there’s a chance that the Unison gauge will remain full after you use it, letting you immediately start another Unison Attack, which itself may hit 60 times or more, which would obviously make for a huge combo. A very basic example of this is Cross Thrust, which you can perform as soon as you unlock the Unison Attack ability. Before you head out there, though, you might want to check around the area for some hidden items; there’s a Reverse Doll to the west of Meltokio, along with an Anti-Magic Bottle and some Super Pellets elsewhere in the area. Will occasionally increase your maximum TP at the end of a battle. Single. Puzzle time! Obtained at the Altamira Hotel on the fourth floor. This gives Presea a decent boost to all of her stats. When I fight the Sword Dancer, I'm Raine with the EX Gem Skill Nimble Mage, so I can cast spell after spell after spell. 1 Enemy Info 2 Fight Pattern 3 Attacks 3.1 Double Slash A 4-armed skeletal warrior hailing from Niflheim. Blood Spirit: Guard Plus + E. Guard + Magical. Kill the plants that blow to the southeast and northwest; the only plant you need here is the one that blows to the northeast. The teleporter that you discover on the next screen will be unusable, so keep heading east to find another screen full of angels. Status: Immunity + E. Guard. As soon as you exit from the warp, change it to green and go through it to reach another chest and lock 1, then return and change it to blue to find yet another chest. You want to keep them behind your frontlines at all costs, so don’t hesitate to tell them to stay put. Life Up: Vitality + Eternal. If you equip each member of your party with the Aquamarine, Garnet, Opal, and Ruby accessories you gained from the Sylverant summon spirits, you’ll face off against Maxwell. You can choose to either head back to Palmacosta and confront Dorr, or infiltrate the Ranch right away. Return to the second floor and jump onto it again, then walk across to the other side. Since his attack abilities have increased along with his health, this might be a good time to use an All-Divide and halve the damage that you receive. Your fourth member should be another frontlines character, but if you choose Zelos or Regal, be sure to deactivate their healing Techs; let Raine worry about that aspect of the fight. After your first play-through, the obvious choices for continuation are Battle Info, Tech Usage (unless you’re inheriting the Techs themselves), Collector’s Book, Monster List, and Recipes. Heal up before you move on, and reform your party into boss configuration, because the sixth screen is where you meet up with Kratos. For some reason, Pronyma herself is weak to Light magic and strong against Dark, unlike most of her angel counterparts, so let Raine do her thing with Photon and Ray as possible. After Presea leaves the party, explore the room you wind up in thoroughly to find three chests before using the warp. You’ll need to take out the Energy Stones before moving in to kill off Kvar, but you’ll have to choose your positioning wisely; if you get trapped within range of two or more of the enemies, they can sap your health far more quickly than you can be First Aided. Undine, as you may expect, will use water attacks, and will deal plenty of damage with them. You’ll want to keep your guard up as often as possible, as she can easily hit you for 100 damage or more with each hit. There are also a whole lot of treasure chests scattered around the rest of the building. After you win, Kratos will attempt to release the Origin seal, which should kill him. (The stinging like a bee part of that equation should be tacit by this point in the game.) Don’t miss the treasure chest near the door; it contains an EX Gem LV2. When you reach these levels, return to the village for a heal, and perhaps to buy one more Life Bottle, before heading north to the Temple. It travels in search of powerful foes to fight as the more it battles the stronger it becomes. He’ll sometimes use it to disrupt your spellcaster’s effects, so keep an eye on your health and use items if necessary. Now it’s time to tackle the main puzzle room, the one in which you found the save point. You can use Panacea Bottles to deal with the status effects that Mithos will inflict. Change the white platform in this room to blue; this will take you up to the final door of the Ranch, but it’s still locked at this point. If you visit Lake Umacy with her yet, she’ll hint at a solution to the unicorn-in-the-lake problem, but stick to your task for the moment - you won’t be able to act on her suggestion for a while yet. If you want to try this out, you should pick the party member with the highest Luck score to enable the skill. However, much like Tales of Graces f, Tales of Symphonia has a fairly simple trophy list. You’ll need Zelos as your on-screen character to retrieve all of the children. Fight against the Fugitive by examining the symbol on the ground; if you missed the Devil’s Arm weapon in the northern building when you were here before, grab it now. There isn’t much you can do to counter Yggy’s Outburst attack, except try to recover as quickly as possible. You won’t have to kill them all, though, and none of them deal an especially high amount of damage, so just go all-out with physical and magical attacks and you should be fine. Head through the passage halfway down the stairs to where the Ring shifter was, light the block there, and pull it all the way out. ". From there, cross the bridge and explore the area for more treasure chests, including one that contains one of the nine Devil’s Arms weapons. You’ll automatically return to Altessa’s House and be treated to another Big Plot Twist, after which you’ll have to head to Flanoir to find a doctor for Altessa. After which she was turned into a monster, whom Regal was later forced to kill? If you upgraded your weaponry and equipment when you first rolled into town, this should be a cakewalk for you. For a bit of extra damage, use a unison attack, with Raine using Photon and Lloyd using tempest. 1. … Gold star for you, Lloyd; you’ve earned it. Revive it, then use the southwestern red plant on the upper level to float across. The first stop should be the Lezareno company in Altamira, where you’ll have to talk to George, then check the records on the second floor to discover that there may be some Zircon at Sybak. If all of these puzzles are wearing on you, then fret not; the lower level of the Temple is one big gauntlet of enemies. You’ll need to head to Meltokio and the Elemental Research Laboratory to find a way inside. Speak to the man inside the shack here (the Wonder Chef also makes an appearance inside), then save your game and head down the southwestern path to find the Mana Leaf Herb, as well as its guardian. Normal attacks cause the enemy to stagger for a longer period of time. Award. This item lets you activate any available EX Skill, while only taking up one EX Gem slot. Favorited. The second time you take Botta on, you’ll be able to push Botta back to the edge of the screen and defeat him with ease, so long as you keep your guard up when he attacks. There are also three treasure chests hidden near the pillars on the right side of this screen, so search around until you find them. The upper half of the forest map, beyond the Human Ranch, is full of treasure, so be sure to scout around thoroughly to find everything before proceeding up to Dirk’s House.

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